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Responsive Email Design: As technology develops, so must your marketing.

Mobile Devices are now the main source of search engine traffic .

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NW Arkansas Email Marketing: Responsive Email Design for your Marketing Strategy.

In a world where the majority of customers are now opening their emails on a mobile device, responsive email design offers benefits such as higher read rates and increased usability and click-through rates.

Email Marketing Strategy

The primary goal of on email marketing strategy is lead generation, conversions, sales and customer retention.


Mobile-centric is a term used in digital marketing that places the mobile device at the center of a companies media and internet strategy. A mobile-centric strategy is used when a customers primary medium used to search for a product, service or supplier is a mobile device.

Responsive design allows one set of code to render an email properly across any device. The email resizes dynamically to create an optimal view from a desktop, tablet, or phone regardless of screen size.

Responsive emails have a higher click-to-open rate than non-responsive emails.

Increased Conversions

With a responsive email, your readers are able to access your email while on the go. Get unlimited conversions regardless of where your emails are consumed. Customers navigate with ease and don’t have to pinch or zoom in order to read your offer.

Creating your responsive email design

Focused Message

Create content that is concise, compelling, and easy to read. It keeps readers interested and illustrates that you value their time.


Keep the header clean by moving the navigation (if applicable) to the footer. This will allow users to view the main message with their first scroll.


For mobile viewing we recommend that you aim for a body copy minimum of 14px and a 22px headline.


Increase line spacing, white space and button sizes to give your design breathing room and allow for precise finger tapping. Mobile users often hold their device with one hand while using their thumb to navigate so be sure to keep buttons, images and links within easy reach.


Your call-to-action buttons should be prominent to allow for easy finger tapping. With a minimum size of 44px, your CTA should clearly communicate where users must click to make a purchase.

Maximum Width

Emails should be sized to respond to screens from 550 pixels wide for desktop to 320 pixels for mobile.

Above the Fold

Your most important information should be conveyed in the initial viewport of any device. This includes your call-to-action.

Retina Displays

Optimise your images for retina displays. Due to the high resolution of mobile, standard images won't render as well.

Phone Number

Provide tappable (Call to function) phone number allowing users to call from a single tap.

Four States Marketing helps businesses increase their marketing ROI by designing and coding beautiful responsive emails, newsletters and landing pages. Call or email us today for a free quote.

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